Welcome to THEA 130!

Welcome to Intermediate Dance Theory and Technique                (Winter 2014)

I am excited to get to know you over the next several weeks. This class is somewhat of an overview of somatic practices interfaced within a technical dance class. These introductory lessons into worlds of learning that each somatic idea can provide may seem overwhelming at times and difficult to process but I ask that you allow it so soak through rather than trying to learn and know everything – this is impossible in 10 weeks. Instead, I want you to look for ways to integrate the principles of each topic, however small the effort may seem, into all other aspects of your artistic/creative life. This class will center around a technical practice, an awareness of yourself through movement and an accumulation of ideas and imagery. You will be challenged in a different way, perhaps in terms of undoing, re-patterning and through profound inquiry.

I hope you will enjoy getting lost with me and finding out more about ourselves in the process…

See you on Tuesday. My office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15 pm (by appointment). You may also schedule an appointment to meet in person outside of these hours. My office is in the Theater Arts Complex J-14.

All the best,



One thought on “Welcome to THEA 130!

  1. I joined the class a week late, and being so behind intimidated me in the beginning. Watching Gerald and everyone else in the class and paying attention to little details helped me catch up. The routine up till the midterm was something that was very new to me. It was amazing seeing how many different things my own body could do. The floor work, especially, was something that I had never experimented with before, and seeing Gerald so flawlessly on the floor inspired me in every class. When he talked about how the movements should connect with each other, I realized what I was doing wrong. Having him say “don’t think about it too much” in every class helped me just flow with the moves. The routine across the floor where we go under the table then around was very difficult for me for some reason, but the more I practiced the better I got at it. Working in smaller groups with people and asking Gerald questions helped a lot. Watching us in the midterm video was an interesting experience. I noticed many flaws in my dancing like my movements not being as clean as I’d like them to be or me not being able to stretch my legs or arms fully. But it helped a lot to improve myself throughout the rest of the class. Learning new routines after the midterm was very refreshing and fun! One of my favorite classes was the one where we used the wall to learn a new routine. The class after that, where we did contact improv., was a lot of fun as well. Breaking up in to partners and groups was a very fun exercise, as I got to see how the body reacts to not knowing what to do next. It was fun to see what the body does when the mind isn’t telling it what to do. Because of my fascination with this whole process, I did my final paper on this as well. Another thing that was new to me was the routine where we went towards the mirror and our counts were 5,5,7,7,5. This was very challenging and new to me. Another thing that I liked was when we were in partners and they gave us momentum to swing our legs back and forth. Seeing how much more energy and how much higher the leg goes with the help of a push was cool to feel. The guest teacher was amazing as well. I loved her routines, although her floor work was challenging for me, it was good to push myself like Gerald did.

    I am looking forward to taking class with Gerald next quarter as well! 🙂

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