CSULB Modern III – Week 10: Meridians, Sen lines, Yoga and Meditation

Today, Friday, class will be in Studio 7. We will do a yoga practice so please bring a yoga mat and/or block if you have one. This week class is inspired by ‘the subtle body’. We tapped into contact improvisation and will explore vinyasa yoga. Unfortunately due to the hectic week I was unable to share information about meridians and sen lines but hopefully today will make up for it. Please check out these links below :

http://tuberose.com/meridians.html (meridians)

http://www.tomthai.com/Healing/903C1543-0F74-490A-A503-F0C742976A87.html (sen lines)

http://www.yogajournal.com/basics/898 (chakras)

one moment meditation (one moment meditation video)

Happy Spring Break!


19 thoughts on “CSULB Modern III – Week 10: Meridians, Sen lines, Yoga and Meditation

  1. I agree with Mark. I really needed that yoga class today. I was afraid that because of my hip injury that I would not be able to do much (I’m trying to be careful about stretching), but I think it helped to open up my hips. I actually was able to do the floor work in the showing today (which has been difficult because my hip seems to get stuck with too much flexion). I think I need to do more of this.

    Side note: I was thinking about what Gerald said on Wednesday about everyone in the department being afraid of failure. I think this is something that has been engrained in people at a young age. We are told, starting in elementary school, that you should go to college so that you can get a good job. And if you don’t, the chances of you getting a “good” job is less than that of a college grad. It is pounded into us from middle school on to high school that you should go to college. By not going, it is implied that you are going to fail without that college degree. I know that this is something that we can change by looking at things differently, but it can be hard because this is all we know. We are afraid to fail because failure is something bad, something that we shouldn’t do. But it’s ironic because there were so many things that we have now or know now because of failures or mistakes. We need to give ourselves permission to fail, or we’ll find the same things and nothing new. Failure is not something bad. It is simply something that happens. You can be disappointed by it, but it’s definitely a learning tool that we do not use enough.

    In the words of Maria Gillespie, “Dance BOLDLY, Learn BRAVELY, Fail BEAUTIFULLY, Create!”

    • :)….Thank you Bridget, I think that is a great observation and I appreciate the words of wisdom, I love the quote. It is interesting this subject came up because before the scholarship auditions my aunt told me my greatest failure is not trying and I find that also interesting because we get so scared to try anything new or different that we don’t live. And its ironic because we are dancers and for me true satisfaction in dance comes from living in the moment, living in the movement that you are creating or performing. I feel like at least for me sometimes I run away from it because I assume I’m being negatively judged by it when I notice or assume that someone is watching me because I’m trying something different. We can’t get anywhere in life being afraid. Fear holds us back from our true potential and in order for us to grow we have to stop being scared, stop over thinking and just do so we can appreciate life and dance for what it is. Thank you Gerald for sharing this with us and thank you Bridget for bringing it up again in the blog, it is something I have to constantly remind myself of.

    • Yes Bridget… Thank you! This has been a huge lesson for me lately, in more areas than one, and I am re-learning about the beauty of failure. I find it quite ironic that many of us are afraid of the very element that has motivated growth throughout history… “Failure”. Success has repeatedly been the outcome of failure. If we are perfect, and never fail, then we’ve arrived… if we’ve arrived, then there is nothing left to accomplish… if there is nothing left to accomplish… why do we exist?

  2. LOVED the yoga class on Friday. It helped me get back in touch with my body and mind because I definitely feel like I lost it for a while since I was out of class.. Thank you for that Gerald! Also, I can’t stop doing those headstands!! haha, they’re awesome.

  3. Ahhhh. I loved yoga class on Friday. It was so relaxing yet it fired up my muscles, especially with all of the lunges we did. It was a perfect end to the week and a perfect start to spring break. I felt so “in my body” and I definitely agree with Chanel about the headstands! So much fun. I love being upside down!

    Also, Gerald, you are amazing.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their spring break! 🙂

  4. I need yoga in my life :), yoga was very satisfying because it fired up my muscles and freed my mind of everything except for the yoga. It was challenging to hold some of the poses but my excitement grew to take up the challenge as the poses became more fearful. The stretches felt great and I really enjoyed myself. I will continue to work on those inversions 🙂 and I look forward to taking more yoga classes in the future.

  5. The yoga class we had the Friday before break was the exact thing my body needed, and I had no idea just how much it would help! I have never taken a full yoga class and I felt so incredibly relaxed and connected to my body after that short, concentrated, time that it really has made me consider how tending to your body, even in short icriments can make a huge impact on overall body wellness. Over the last week of break I’ve tried some of the positions (especially the head stands, I’m addicted!) and I feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to work. I can’t wait to get back to class on Monday!

  6. Thank you very much for that class, Gerald. I think most everyone agrees that it was the perfect thing to do before break. I really enjoyed focusing on the 7 chakras and changing focus between them all, letting one at a time be more prominent than another. Regardless of where we are in life or dance, yoga provides something solid to work on, something that will challenge us but that we can ultimately control, which is a powerful and satisfying feeling. I feel that regardless of my technique or skill, and putting aside any self doubt or fearfulness, a good yoga class will reaffirm my sense of self / sense of being human. Thank you yoga.

  7. This class before break was amazing! Yoga really helped me to tune into by body and just do what was right specific to my body. I really enjoyed doing the head and hand stands. I never knew i could do them without the help of a friend or the wall. It was very exciting!

  8. I agree with you all. I really like yoga, my body and mind always feel refreshed after a yoga practice. The head stands hurt my head, but I liked some of the other inversions we did. Although it feels good, yoga is also a real challenge particularly for my upper body. It was nice to do class in studio 7 with the morning sun shining in. Hope everyone had a great spring break!

  9. I liked the yoga class. It was a bit different for me since I haven’t done yoga in a while, but it was coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Im a little fidgity when it comes to more focused stuff or movement so anything that’s not constant movement is a struggle for me, but I liked the challenge!! Me gusto mucho! i think thats how you say I liked it very much.

  10. I didn’t really know what to expect for this class because I have never taken a yoga class before. I found it to be perfect for the Friday that we did it because it was very calming, but still a nice workout. I liked that each little combination we did had different variations to make them harder because nothing ever seemed too simple or boring. I found the headstands and acrobatic things at the end very hard to do! I’ve never been great at doing handstands, and going upside down kind of scares me in general! But I had the opportunity to try new things and start getting over my fear, and having someone spot me helped as well. I would love to take more yoga classes, like maybe before or after the faculty concert, to be able to calm and center myself during a stressful time!

  11. I am really sad that I had to miss the yoga class, it sounded like a great experience! I believe it was Wednesday that we did some contact improvisation, and I have to say that it was the first time I actually enjoyed it. The way that the class built up made me feel a lot more comfortable with improvisation, for some reason I did not feel as nervous or pressured to be perfect.

  12. The last few classes we’ve had together have made an imprint on my mind. Beginning with the yoga class we had before break started (best yoga class I have ever taken), and all the way through our last class where we learned about meditation and were able to practice it as well, every class has been fascinating to me. I’m starting to realize how important it is to always have inner peace, no matter what is going on around you. It’s easy to be calm and collected when life is going smoothly, but it is much more difficult when life is stressful and demanding. Both the yoga class and the meditation class truly cleared my mind. Freed my mind of busy, extra, pointless thoughts and allowed me to focus on my breath, my body, and my focus. I can’t thank you enough for changing things up so frequently, it keep us on our toes, inspires us and is beneficial for our bodies because we aren’t doing the same movements and exercises over and over again which can become draining on the body after a while. This class provides so much structure, yet room for exploration, and I find it exhilarating. 🙂

  13. The yoga class was great and just what I needed! I also like that you broke down the stuff against the wall. It was helpful

  14. I agree with everyone… Yoga class was AWESOME… but then every class… every bit of information that you have shared with us has been priceless Thank you Gerald! 🙂

  15. The yoga class was incredible. I had gotten a LOT of sleep the night before, and it was the last day before spring break so I felt well rested, happy, and excited for a little bit of time to rest my body over the break. I want to take yoga classes with Gerald on the regular! And I wish that I could! I felt so calm, centered, and in tune with my body. Every thing seemed to flow perfectly from one thing to the next. I was breathing deeply and slowly and that seemed to really help me keep my balance and ease my body into each position. This class made me realize that I need to take yoga. I love that it combines strength, balance and flexibility but isn’t draining on the body. Aside from the kinesthetic aspects I also think that having time each day, or even just a few times a week, where I am doing an activity that is quiet, focused and calm might help me because, like most of us, my mind and body are always going. I can see why Gerald is as gentle and calm as he is. 🙂

  16. This yoga class was absolutely amazing and I wish we could have done this more often like outside of dance class. I think our mind and body would be so much more rested and de-stressed if we got to do some light gentle yoga like this once a week. I love how much variety we have gotten for all the classes this semester is modern, I feel like I have been given so much knowledge yet have not been overwhelmed by it whatsoever. I’m really going to miss having Gerald as a teacher!

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