CSULB Modern III – Week 7 and 8: Review and Midterm

This week and next we will review all of the concepts we have covered so far. Wednesday, March 13 will be your Midterm (to be video recorded) and Friday, March 15 will be our stop day.


18 thoughts on “CSULB Modern III – Week 7 and 8: Review and Midterm

  1. I see that no one has written anything, and I realize that we only did review this week, but I want to leave something anyways. I enjoyed going through the material for the midterm because I was able find moments and to play a little within the music. I wasn’t trying to remember the combination. I just got to dance it.

  2. In the seventh week of classes we mostly just reviewed for our midterm, and although “new” concepts weren’t introduced, I found that I liked being able to really play with and explore all of the information we have accumulated over the semester thus far. On Wednesday in class, Gerald said, “you don’t necessarily have to move your lower body to move your upper body,” in regards to a part of our floor exercise. At first I was a little confused because we have been working so hard to find connectivity throughout the entire body, and at first I thought that that would create a disconnect. However, the more I thought about it, I realized that being able to isolate movement doesn’t mean there’s a disconnect from the rest of the body, but rather, a heightened awareness and control/connection to choose where and how the body moves. Although it is certainly a work in progress, I feel that I’m finding that more and more. 🙂

  3. I have had the same feelings as Bridget in reviewing this week. I think it is really nice to go back and review older material that we have already learned, even some that we haven’t done since the very beginning of the semester, because I have found that I can explore much more within my movement then I did originally. Also when we are putting together different floor combinations, I have found the transitions between them to be a lot smoother for me now.

  4. I really enjoy reviewing PNF because I find that it’s super challenging! I am still trying to find smoother transitions and make the movements less crunchy, but I’m still having difficulties having control while moving. I know it’s good to lose the control, but sometimes it feels like I’m all over the place and look like a hot mess. I think I need to bring it back in a bit and make it more simple. I really liked when Gerald said that it’s not about how high your leg goes and how many turns you can do, because I think that really does start to make it look less organic. For the midterm I’m really working on being more clean and subtle rather than being over the top.

  5. I find it refreshing that although we’re “reviewing” for midterms I feel like there are no more steps, phrases, etc. It’s almost if theres just an outline, we know the rules now and now it’s time to explore. it’s really inspiring.

  6. I’m really enjoying reviewing all of the exercises that we have been doing in class. I feel like I’m finding more clarity in the movement, which in turn is giving me more confidence. Looking back to when we first learned everything, and comparing it to where I am in my understanding now is really interesting. I know everything is not perfect, but I definitely feel a lot better about some of the concepts.

  7. Today was just an off day for me. It was unfortunate that it was our midterm, but you just have to roll with it sometimes. I was having difficulty tapping into the phrases in the middle of the class but I was still able to find some connectivity and comfort in both the first floor exercise and the last center phrase.

  8. The midterm was actually really good for me. I was tired that day, so I think that allowed me to not really care about whether or not I was “doing it well.” I didn’t really have a lot of self-jugdement. I felt like I could just dance and be me when I was dancing. Going over the finer details after combinations and then doing them again really helped. I was to get more out of the combination when the finer details were pointed out. I think I was more present and aware of what I was doing on Wednesday than I have been in awhile.

  9. At a point like this in the semester, I feel that I could have tried even further to build from the material we had been doing and find a good middle ground of being able to absorb the material enough to be coherent (without over-analyzing) and also let it wash over me in a way to be able to let go and find my own rhythm in the movement (without being completely incoherent). We don’t always get a chance to review phrases in this way and work within a specific vocabulary on particular techniques, and I believe very much in the success of this process. I hope I can work on it even further with the rest of the semester!

  10. It was so great being able to look back at everything we have learned thus far in the semester. I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks have in store!

  11. I really appreciate having great teachers at this school. I feel like my dancing has not only improved this semester, but throughout my entire time here at CSULB. I’m going to be sad when I leave next year.

  12. As was mentioned in the circle talk we had at the end of the mid term, I really love the way we progress through the class. It makes every class worth going to that much more.

  13. During the midterm I felt better performing it because we were able to just dance it and enjoy exploring the movement as opposed to stressing about what the combination was, this also helped with my confidence.

  14. Reviewing for the midterm was nice because not only did it remind me of all we’ve done but also helped me explore deeper than when we first did them. I really tried playing with the combinations and going that extra to get the most out of them.

  15. During the midterm review I loved the feeling I felt realizing how much I had already learned and been exposed to this semester. This class moves quickly in terms of concepts but yet I have never felt rushed or like I didn’t know what was going on. Gerald has so much knowledge it astounds me. All I want to do is listen….and learn….and improve.

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