Welcome to Modern III, Spring 2013


Welcome to your Modern III course for Spring 2013.

I am excited to get to know you over the next several weeks. As you can see from the syllabus, class will cover many somatic principles. This class is somewhat of an overview of somatic principles interfaced within a technical dance practice class. This format has been extremely useful in initiating a learning process that aims to complement the existing technique classes that you have experienced here at CSULB. These introductory lessons into worlds of learning that each somatic idea can provide may seem overwhelming at times and difficult to process but I ask that you allow it so soak through rather than trying to learn and know everything – this is impossible in 15 weeks. Instead, I want you to look for ways to integrate the principles of each topic, however small the effort may seem, into all other aspects of your dancing life. It is also useful to look at commonalities and ‘best practices’ that each lesson may provide rather than focusing on what is not working or what is not looking and feeling aesthetically unappealing. This class will center around a technical practice, an awareness of yourself through movement and an accumulation of ideas and imagery. You will be challenged in a different way, perhaps in terms of undoing, re-patterning and through profound inquiry.

I hope you will enjoy getting lost with me and finding out more about ourselves in the process…

See you on Wednesday, 11:00-12:15 in Studio 2 for screening. On Friday, we will look over the syllabus – please bring a copy to class.  My office hours are Tuesdays, 1:00-3:00 pm and Friday 1:00-2:00 pm. You may also schedule an appointment to meet in person anytime.

All the best,


“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.” – Niels Bohr


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Modern III, Spring 2013

  1. The first week of class has left me inspired. Im ready to explore my movement with deeper sensation than ever before!

  2. As stressful as this week was for me, having modern left me inspired as well. It left me knowing that it is (still) okay to not be perfect, but to keep on trucking. Gonna be a great semester!

  3. I really underappreciate my feet. I really found the walking exercise to be very effective not only warming up, but also allowing interplay and negotiation between my feet and the rest of my legs. All to often I stiffen up my ankles to maintain balance that the rest of my body stiffens up to counteract my subborn ankles. I also never realized how every part of the foot is crucial to function until I stepped on some small object, causing one of my toes to become inflammed. Walking is fine now, but for almost a day simply walking felt like a burden because I couldn’t fully support and shift my weight through my foot. I love you smelly feet!

  4. Feeling all ends of the feet and trying to articulate through all the bones was a different experience because I never try to utilize my whole foot I always focus on not rolling in or out, but that exercise helped show how utilizing the whole foot can be beneficial in terms of stabilization. It also helped with not gripping my toes because I often grip them in order to keep my feet from moving in place but to allow those subtle shifts to happen relaxes my feet and reminds me not to grip but to allow the foot to feel the floor the way its suppose to.

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