CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 13: Touch

I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving break. We are in the final stretch of this semester. In this penultimate week, we will focus on the sensation of touch – becoming more aware of our relationship with what we touch and how we receive touch, including feedback from the floor (increasing proprioception). We will also practice some basic partnering/contact skills and you will be given some time to collaborate with a partner manipulating material into a duet.
Since we were not able to ‘peel the onion’ last week, we will do so this week.

Remember that your Somatic Research Paper is due this Friday. Please submit it in the Dropbox on Beachboard.

So much to do and so much to integrate. Help each other focus and finish the year with great energy and success.



2 thoughts on “CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 13: Touch

  1. This week’s theme was “Touch” and ironically enough, I spent much of the week trying hard not to touch anyone since I was sick. I did participate in the peeling the onion and found it to be incredibly restorative and informative. I know that my lower back often feels tight and sore after long days of dancing, but I hardly consider the tension in my hips as the root cause. After Belinda helped me with the peeling the onion, I felt about 3 inches taller and incredibly more fluid through all of my joints. Makes me wish I had my own personal masseuse! I also really enjoy the information that touch brings to me. I’ve realized that throughout most of the semester, I’ve been touched hardly at all-whether in corrections or working with partners. To me, the mind and body are intertwined in how they communicate and coordinate, but each brings different and new information. Working through all these various somatic practices this semester has brought a lot of new information to my mind that I have then tried to give to my body. Yet, somatics is so much in the feeling of movement and the physical translation of concepts. I think that if I were to continue with more of these somatic practices, I would personally benefit from more tactile cues so that the body has a another way of accessing the information.

  2. I can go on and on raving about ‘Peeling the Onion’…It centered on releasing tension from exactly the areas of my lower body I experience tightness and discomfort. I have been utilizing ways to stretch out my I.T. band and rotators and this exercise has been one of the most effective. It was painful to have knots of muscles focused on, but it was worth enduring. My legs felt so much length afterwards. It was funny to see one leg about 2 inches longer than the other after it was worked on. When walking around, I felt like I was almost floating above the floor. Like Tamara, I wish I had a personal masseuse on call at all times! ‘Peeling the Onion’ makes me curious to look further into methods for increasing expansion and releasing tension in the body, not necessarily having to be through dance movement. I think this is indispensable for anyone in any kind of profession.

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