CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 11: Trisha, Stephen and me… plus guest accompanist Tim Russell

I was going to share material from Trisha Brown and/or Stephen Petronio this week, but rather, I will build on the new material we began last Friday. I am constantly reflecting on my lineage with these two amazing choreographic minds and how their influence is inescapably in my bones, deeply. This phrase and much of my movement generating DNA is steeped in this process of layering, synthesizing and undoing. I encourage those of you who can to see the Petronio Company performing this Wednesday at Irvine’s Barclay Theater and in the Spring, Trisha Brown Company will perform at UCLA’s Royce Hall and outside in an amphitheater (Astral Converted…not to be missed).

This week (Tuesday and Wednesday) we will be accompanied by my collaborator and friend, Tim Russell. On Friday, those of you who are not involved in the faculty concert will have class with Nick Duran in St. 1.

It’s going to be a busy week. Take care of your bodies and most of all, have fun!



5 thoughts on “CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 11: Trisha, Stephen and me… plus guest accompanist Tim Russell

  1. I like what we are learning in class, the internal and external rotating of the shoulders. Its helps me find some more articulation and it reminds me that the limbs move more than vertically and horizontally. Also, I wish I could carry Tim around in my pocket and have him play the theme song of my life all the time. He is truly sublime.

  2. First off, Tim was a joy to have accompany our class! I love experiencing new musicians, both the way they listen/respond to the dancers and how/what they use for music. Outside of his great talent, I was really able to feed off the music he produced. He listened and allowed us to move while creating music to not only compliment but enhance. A true symbiotic relationship. Overall it was refreshing to have a new face and energy in our class as we forged ahead with the movement from the previous Friday. I believe the newness of Tim’s type of accompaniment had a huge influence on the way related to the movement from how I moved from Friday’s class.

  3. Joey, I called him first! hehe 🙂 Tim was absolutely amazing! He brought out different articulations and stalls in my movement that I wouldn’t have normally done. His music set a new vibe in class that I think allowed us to experiment more… maybe because he was also experimenting. Even if the sound was mellow, it was still driving me and inspired me to move in new ways. I also loved the combination we did and watching how it transformed and adapted to his sound.

  4. Tim was awesome to have as our musician for the week! I loved the vibe of his music and how complementing it was to the types of dancing we were executing. Throughout class, I constantly noticed the considerate music being played. It wasn’t distracting or overdone in any way. From floor work, to across the floor, to the center work phrase, I was in agreement with the music choices. Music is a main inspirational factor in dance for me and when music clicks well with my dancing, I am more comfortable within the movement and my psyche. I couldn’t ask for anything better! 🙂

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