CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 10: Klein/Mahler Technique


On Monday, class will be taught by Leah Cox, our guest artist from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.

On Wednesday, we will meet in Studio 7 and on Friday we will be back in Studio 2.

We will explore the work of Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler. Between 1992-2010 I studied with these two teachers and their teachings continue to resonate with me today. Please look at their websites for more insight.

I am also including an article on Zero Balancing since I believe it is a strong influence on the Klein/Mahler work. The interface of energy and structure is at the heart of Susan and Barbara’s work with the body, particularly dancers’ bodies and their need to form patterns, repattern, integrate, contemplate and move from deep within.





6 thoughts on “CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 10: Klein/Mahler Technique

  1. I really appreciated the opportunity to take time on Wednesday to explore some Klein/Mahler insights. It was interesting to see how my body wanted to move as a result of habit versus using only what was necessary. This concept of necessity has been one of my favorites to pursue and apply to other classes like ballet and Pilates. It helps me focus on the task at hand, pace myself, and find greater movement efficiency. I also appreciated Wednesday’s class for the little change of pace – a nice mid-week refresher for the mind and body.

    I was also struck by how blessed we are to have wonderful faculty from different dance lineages! There is so much to glean.

    • Like Bethany, I too, think it is awesome to realize the dance lineages of all our instructors. This knowledge always makes me curious to learn more about our instructors’ influences, as the content they give us themselves is so interesting. I often wonder who their mentors were and the mentors before them were…etc.

      I wish there was two of me, so I was able to try the exercises in studio 7. I will have to ask my fellow classmates and see what you guys did… 😮

  2. I appreciated Wednesday’s investigative class time in Studio 7–it is nice to be able to take time and delve into the work in a different way. The work at the wall struck me the most, I felt that working with a partner provided some different (verbal and tactile) feedback that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. The slow roll-down with one hand on the back and one on the pubic symphysis illuminated some tightness that I have in my hip flexors and quads, so that was great information to take into my classes and cross-training activities.

  3. For the first time this semester I began to understand how to START moving my body through my bones! Woo! Celebrating the small victories but so so SO significant! While spending time in studio 7, looking in depth at how the body actually allows and facilitates movement through its anatomical structure outside of the sources of manipulation (musculature surrounding the joints) helped me envision movement occurring from within my body. I have loved revisiting this idea…revelation, epiphany, whatever you wish to call it…this past week because it has really assisted me to finding efficiency in movement and allowed me to identify and release excess and unnecessary tension.

  4. I really enjoyed the time we spent on Wednesday exploring the small intricate movements of the body. I especially liked the slow roll down, it revealed how much I was unconsciously griping my glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lower back. Plus my back felt amazing the next day! The wall exercises and working with a partner was great too.

  5. I agree with Bethany and Irene… I feel spoiled to be learning such valuable information from our professors!

    Wednesday was much needed for me. I get caught up obsessing over technique and it was really nice to take a step back, center my body and mind, and understand the small yet significant details in our body that I don’t think about everyday. Noticing what joints move and rotate and what muscle clench is something I’ve been thinking about a lot this semester, and even more during our class period in studio 7. Performing the exercises we did on the wall really showed me the connection between that movement and how it is similar to other movements and exercises standing up, helping me understand the muscles needed and not needed to move efficiently. Not only does thinking about this help me move more efficiently, but also with less stress and more freedom and mobility!

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