CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 9: The Subtle Body – Chakras, Meridians, Sen Lines, Meditation


This week class will be inspired by ‘the subtle body’. We will explore meridians, sen lines, the movement of the mind (meditation), and some Thai yoga bodywork. We will still dance and the class structure will look the same but hopefully the feeling or sensate body will emerge from a different source. Please check out these links below.

On Wednesday, class will be shortened due to Halloween; we will end at 12:15.

http://tuberose.com/meridians.html (meridians)

http://www.tomthai.com/Healing/903C1543-0F74-490A-A503-F0C742976A87.html (sen lines)

http://www.yogajournal.com/basics/898 (chakras)

one moment meditation (one moment meditation video)


5 thoughts on “CSULB Modern IV/V – Week 9: The Subtle Body – Chakras, Meridians, Sen Lines, Meditation

  1. I was (and still am) very encouraged and pushed in the direction of movement by the concept of the 7 chakras being spinning wheels of energies. While discussion about the 7 chakras is not new to me, the idea of mobility within these 7 chakras was very exciting and lead me to a state of freedom to move and even to simply imagine a deeper imagery within my own body to encourage and become more aware of the natural movement within.

    • I really appreciate Jenn’s comment about using the idea of the ‘subtle body’ to tap into deeper imagery for one’s own body. Sometimes I forget about the internal movement of my organs and body fluids, and the space that I can find within that projects outward when I dance. This week’s work in modern encouraged me to try moving from a different, more subtle perspective and I found differences within my movement habits that related to me thinking about the 7 chakras, internal body space, etc.

  2. The subtle body is one that I work with almost daily. For me its having a connection to something greater than myself that exists in a nonphysical form. Bringing the approach of my subtle body to my physical dancing body actually assisted in feeling more when I danced. I found a width and fullness while doing something that I deeply love from a perspective that I practice and value.

  3. Wow…even just to tap into the surface of the ‘subtle body’ kind of overwhelms me. It’s not a negative concern, but it provokes me to want to become more familiar with this information. I guess I should remind myself it is a life long study. This might be a silly question to ask, but do these approaches, such as meridians, relate to acupuncture and how different areas of the body are linked to each other? I remember watching a special on tv a long time ago about acupuncture and areas that were selected for acupuncture were meant to activate other areas of the body. Just a passing question I have if anyone knows more about this.

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