Welcome to Advanced Modern Technique! CSULB Department of Dance, Fall 2012


Welcome to our class blog… Here, you will find posts, readings, videos, articles and most importantly, comments from your classmates regarding the work we are exploring in class.

I am so excited to be joining the faculty here at CSULB and look forward to working with each of you.

All the best,



One thought on “Welcome to Advanced Modern Technique! CSULB Department of Dance, Fall 2012

  1. I am still transfixed on a correction Gerald gave me, where he was instructing me to push against his hand with my head. Instead of breaking my neck to reach his palm he was asking me to “grow” I genuinely think this has helped find some more length in my spine. For almost every semester I have been here I have always received that correction- to lift, to reach my head out of my spine. etc. etc. Who would have known that all i really needed was a physical cue for me to find it. Although it will take time for my body to re- pattern this note, I am glad this happened very early in this semester!
    Also, I was asking a friend if he has ever felt truly connected in his body. he looked at me, smiled, and said ” you say the darnedest things my dear”, I tried to explain the concept such as the celestial sphere concept i am learning about in astronomy. How the sphere is not a physical real thing (like our kinesphere) the direction in which light travels and is directed (energy/pull of tension) is evenly distributed directly up and out from our exact location (from our body). I don’t know if this was the best of descriptions to give a non dance person, but he nodded and thanked me for sharing some the fancy cool things i am learning in my modern class.

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