Headspace: mind


2 thoughts on “Headspace: mind

  1. Tuesday’s here have been rough! I squeeze in a morning run and some HW before heading to back to back classes: Modern, Improv, LMA, and then Theatre until 9 – 9:30pm. I feel like my morning run (which serves as my meditation) gets me through to about 6:00pm but then I definitely need a refill! This is when overstimulation and fatigue (I think I am placing blame here) allow me to see all of those “stones” again and I get CRANKY!

    I need to find small chunks of time throughout the day to meditate. This might be a better plan for me, rather than one chunk in the morning. This summer has proven to me just how much I value and need that clearing your head time in order to function throughout the day in a healthy and happy way.

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