Week 8: Review and Candidate Visits #3 and #4

On Monday, I got a chance to review and continue with some new material. During the class I mentioned how things were not going as well as I have planned due to the fact that there have been numerous guest artists and candidate visits, etc. Interestingly, I saw an improvement once I brought up that the level of the class was under par. My belief is that this class needs continuity and stability  which unfortunately is not in the cards. However, I believe the true test will be how dancers will adapt to change and whatever the universe brings to the studio. In that spirit, I see how everyone rises to the challenge and makes the most of any situation. I believe that dancers are survivors with a deep quest for self study. You are showing this to me in inspiring ways. Have a wonderful Spring Break! When we come back we will return to regularity and practice.


3 thoughts on “Week 8: Review and Candidate Visits #3 and #4

  1. I think we’ve all had our struggles this semester with technique and hearing the bare truth of “you’re not where you’re supposed to be” is enlightening in a way. I don’t see the benefit in withholding that information (even though it was somewhat known), by saying it out loud it made it real. With auditions and critics they are going to give you criticism flat out, constructive or not, at least with us being taught in a very honest environment we will be able to tell ourselves what is incorrect and how to fix it with ease, compared to other dancers.

  2. Although I am a couple weeks behind on writing for this particular week, I looked at my notes to find that I had wrote an extensive amount on the class of March 12th.
    As a class, we had a choice in how to react to as Jason said, “the bare truth,” We could get mad, get depressed, or turn the words into fuel; we can use that as fuel to make us work hard and to continue to work hard from here on out.
    The quicker teaching and learning pace that was given forced me to really pay attention in order to get the combinations. It was different than our usual, but I loved it!
    I noticed that even though I could pick-up the combinations fairly well, I noticed an inconsistency with my body facings in space, especially for the combination that started with the shoulder shrug.
    With my movement quality I noticed that I was holding a lot of tension (ie shoulders) and I would be strict within an “eight-count box” of time. If I were to breathe and focus on “kinectivity,” or movement, instead of shapes, I would bring out the three-dimension-ality that I have been hearing about. Spiraling will help this as well as long as I complete the spirals and not stop halfway.
    When I move across the floor, thus being able to move through a lot of space, I free up my movement more than what I would do in a center combination. When doing smaller, more specific movements like the movements we do in center, my mentality is that there is a huge amount of pressure on me to have correct alignment. The pressure that I feel makes me (my muscles) tense and forget that I am dancing–I am moving. One of my goals for the semester, along with finding correct core connectivity (narrow, concave, and lift) and turn-out (greater trochanter to sit-bones,) is to free up a bit. To lose the tension in my shoulders. To lose the gripping of my quads and glutes.

    This day was the most insightful of all the days that we have had so far this semester and I am thankful for it in that it reminded me to stay grounded in my learning process.

  3. I was actually relieved that you said we were behind because you took the words right out of my mouth. When watching everyone and noticing myself do the combinations that were taught; everyone seemed to be so overwhelmed by it. I think others noticed that we weren’t picking up the material as quickly as we should have, but didn’t want to say. Honestly, you were the first teacher that wasn’t afraid to say this to us and this is something that I think we needed to hear. I respected that you said that because I think it will help our class to stop expecting the teacher to spoon feed us and honestly, I think the more I am challenged the better the outcome will be if I push myself. I think others need to get out the habits of taking things personal because in this field they should expect a lot of rejection.

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