Week 7: Guest Artist Amaniyea Payne

It was a pleasure to hear Amaniyea’s talk. Here is a link to her website:



6 thoughts on “Week 7: Guest Artist Amaniyea Payne

  1. Having Amaniyea come and teach was unbelievable to me. I’m on the African Diaspora track so that alone made her class worth every minute. It was inspiring to know that with age she still performs but keeps the mindset as still a student of dance. She also made dance fun. We’re in technique classes and lecture classes all day, i think she came in and made sure that first and foremost we remember dancing is fun for the dancer.

  2. Amaniyea was such an inspiring guest artist. She taught me so many things, not only in her talk but in her classes. I went to the master class that she taught on Tuesday night and it was truly amazing. The energy that she brought to the class could not have been duplicated anywhere else. She was an inspiration and motivated me to keep doing what I am doing and to love what I do.

  3. Amaniyea was such a pleasure to have teach our class. I loved the high energy and how patient she was with us. She incorporated both swing dance and african into one class and it was a blast. It was interesting to see how she taught after hearing her speak about her past experiences. She was truly inspiring and motivational.

  4. I know I am way behind for this… but I loved this class!!!! It was absolutely an amazing opportunity to have taken a class with Amaniyea!! I felt revived from her buoyant energy and fresh approach to movement. I agree with Tara that, “she was truly inspiring and motivational.”

  5. Amaniyea was an inspirational teacher and was a pleasure to have. in class I learned so much about diffirent styles of dance that I had never been exposed to before in my life. She was so full of energy and it made me want to give more into my dancing. I also really took what she said about coming to class like an empty bucket to heart. She said that we can bring our past to help us learn new material but we should not enter a class like we know everything. Instead we should come in like an empty bucket and absorbe as much as we can. I feel that this is a great way to view learning dance, and I am going to try to be an empty bucket as I continue my journey here.

  6. I absolutely enjoyed her presence in our dance department. She just brought this positive energy and spirt that I think our department needed a little of with everything going on. When I took her master class, my spirt awakened. This type of experience doesn’t happen to me much in technique class, which is probably because I’m so focused on technique and nothing else. Or maybe it’s because of the spirit of the whole class that everyone brings in and forgets to leave at the door. Well, whatever feeling that took over me was like my spirit was reborn again and I knew exactly why I wanted to move and dance. This helped to motivate me to keep pushing myself and it reminded me why I’m here because sometimes in technique class I go through the motions and forget that I have nourish my spirit first, before I dance everyday .

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