Week 5: Candidate visits and review


Thank you all for your insightful and very thoughtful comments from the past few weeks. I am reading them and hearing you loud and clear. It is so interesting how many ways these teachings can be adapted to our work and lives. I am infinitely fascinated by our ability to notice our habits – mental and physical – and our capacity for change. Already, I have seen tremendous change in some of your dancing and through your challenging of concepts and your identity through movement.

I know that these weeks are a bit confusing with candidate visits and numerous guest artists. Try to stay focused… On Wednesday this week we will review and continue with Orbits (I think I will skip PNF – or at least integrate how these ideas and concepts relate to Irene’s work).



5 thoughts on “Week 5: Candidate visits and review

  1. I’m glad we got back to a routine with class and can focus on our technique and combination(s). When we are doing the floor combination I constantly find myself arching my back (happens in most classes) and trying to correct myself when moving which leads to a mis-step or an “ugly” movement.

    The new combination we learned today where we are standing and slicing our hand through the air along with turns and a jump to finish is really interesting to me and I’m excited to see where we go with it.

  2. Some of my habits that I have become aware of thus far in the semester are not breathing, arching my shoulders, minimally using my head, and keeping my upper body still/not using spiral. I have noticed some changes which I still continue to work at. Some of the slower exercises on the floor, plies, and tendus help me focus on breathing. Also, I have been able to catch myself in class and even sitting at my desk and waiting for the elevator when I am arching my shoulders and then correct it and stand/sit straight. Previously I never realized that I was arching; I thought it was straight. Also, I think incorporating the spirals has helped loosen up my head and upper body it also makes movements more free and spacious. I know I still have more potential with the spirals. I still feel that if I leave my head it will keep me in better control. Lastly, I haven’t had much experience in modern and I didn’t really like it, but just recently I am becoming more comfortable in the class and enjoying it.

  3. During class this week I especially paid attention to Gerald’s dormitory refrigerator comparison to the tension held in our bodies. This really was a good image to have in mind when moving on the floor because it opened up the idea of spiral. Also, I found Gerald’s comment about the idea of people “working out” at the gym with squared off bodies very interesting. People don’t move naturally as square objects, and the muscles in our bodies are not square, so why do we exercise them that way? This past week I started to notice how I used my body outside of dance class. I found out that I spiral way more than I thought I did, and it happened a lot more easily than I thought it would. Just being aware of how my own body sprials will help me move with less tension in class, or at least notice when I start to hold tension.

  4. Although it has been kind of chaotic with all of the guest artists and different teachers coming to teach our modern class, I found it cptivating when Dani mentioned that as dancers we need to be adaptable. In dance there is always more and more to learn and different views to learn by different people. She mentioned that all of our teachers are basically trying to have us reach the same goal and understanding of basic modern movements, but each teacher explains it in their own way. This is helpful because when thinking about modern skills or preforming, I know many different interpretations of how to be successful in my movements.
    Gerald has been consistant with making us work on our head tail connection since the first day of class. Since I am used to this connection now I was able to move easier in Dani’s class on Friday. She had us do several turns and jumps bending at the torso and either keeping the tail or head heavy. The movements were challenging, but as long as I was able to know when to keep or release the head tail connection I was making, I was able to stay balanced and complete the phrase without problems. When I wouldn’t keep the connection I would fall out of the jump or turn.

  5. On Monday of this week, Gerald was extremely honest with our class about the progression of this semester, and where our class stands compared to other freshman dance majors at different universities. It has been a crazy semester with different candidates and guest artists, but hearing this honesty is what I needed to push myself farther. I tend to start getting comfortable with my classes at this point of the semester. Gerald’s comment served as little reminder to continue to push myself, and start to connect all these links of opportunity together to benefit and improve from the chaos of the semester. This also relates to what Dani was saying last week Friday about the importance being adaptable in life. So many times I forget about the connections all my classes have with each other. Right now I am beginning to let the ideas and concepts mesh together, so I can to discover the relationships between the different perspectives, and create something cohesive from this whole semester.

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