Week 13: Class and Partnering

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! We will start the week with three classes that focus on getting your technical tools back as well as reviewing some materials we have done in this semester. On Thursday and Friday we will look at partnering, specifically contact improvisation as developed through the years by Steve Paxton and many others. As a way to develop skills of knowing yourself and a partner as well as your environment, we will play with simple structures of support, shelves, levers, counterbalance, etc. that also connect to the materials found in Aikido.

Here is a video from 1972 featuring Steve Paxton, Danny Lepkoff, Barbara Dilley, David Woodberry, Laura Chapman, Nancy Stark Smith and more.



4 thoughts on “Week 13: Class and Partnering

  1. This was fantastic, I love the way they move through each other like liquid. Nothing is rough or unsure. Just a heads up for everyone else, I had to copy the link into a new window for the video to work; my Norton Antivirus didn’t like when I clicked the link and told me it was a dangerous site. I am looking forward to working with this the next two classes and become even more comfortable with partnering.

  2. I really enjoyed the first class we had on partnering. It was really interesting how my experience changed from partner to partner. While I didn’t feel as fluid like as the dancers in the video, those liquid moments that I did experience were extremely thrilling and satisfying!

  3. The way these dancers were able to throw each other around but to yield into each other was exciting and frightening all at the same time. There is a part of me that is in disbelief. How were they able to do the amazing things they did?! An example; at the time 1:10 I freaked out when she launched herself at her partner. Lets just say I’m not quite comfortable doing that quite yet. Although we did something similar today; launching ourselves at our partners. My discomfort with these moments I think is due to my distrust of my own capabilities and in some cases my partners as well. I was also intrigued by the duet at 2:25. The woman’s ability to trust her partner allowed her to go to a place where she was able to simply be aware of the experience she was having. So then I ask myself how do I get to the point of being comfortable with the idea of going to an extreme while not knowing what will happen next, and on top of that adding in another person. To answer my own question; practice.

  4. It was really nice to watch you all partnering. The vulnerability it takes to completely trust the other person is so human. You have to get out of your own mind and welcome risk, while being aware of the space and your partner’s body at the same time. It was beautiful!

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