Week 10: Improvisation and technique class

This week we will explore improvisational tools as a way to practice in a technique class. Expect to be asked to work with your intuition and to move beyond your usual technical stance. We will particularly look at Ann Bogart’s Viewpoints and Forsythe Improvisation Technologies to generate movement invention and to work with structure. It should feel very different this week. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Week 10: Improvisation and technique class

  1. During week 10, I found it a bit difficult to improvise.My initial thought about improv, is it being as simple as free styling. The two styles are completely different from one another. They both have similar structures but the thing with improvising is that there can be boundaries. You can follow an outline which challenges your mind and your body. Gerald asked us to improvise with having the idea of a pizza pan in one hand and moving around without dropping it. It was a bit hard but I enjoyed finding new ways to move and it helped me to think out side the box when it comes to improvising. I feel that improvisation is so broad and anything can be done when using it to make choreography. I plan to use improv as a structure when I create choreography.

  2. I agree Nadia! I feel the same way about improvisation and freestyling but I think both have somewhat of a structure and the outline was challenging to follow. Also, once I thought outside the box I ended up getting stuck again; or I found myself repeating the same movement for a while longer. I like to picture and map myself through the space and I control my movement. It wasn’t until I had my eyes closed that I felt free to improvise because I didn’t know where I was in space; I had to listen to my body and move carefully in case I moved into someone.

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