Week 8: Guest Artist Beth Corning

This week we will have Beth Corning as a guest artist. She will teach technique daily to our class. Here is more info:



4 thoughts on “Week 8: Guest Artist Beth Corning

  1. Woohoo! Rock on Beth…loved having her visit us! I also feel very grateful to be around such brilliant dancers every day in our class. Very excited to learn the Brown work and have Petronio visit this upcoming week! So many exciting things 🙂

  2. I agree with Carrie! I absolutely loved how blunt and honest Beth was about things. “that is wrong.” “I don’t get it” “You should marry the music, and if the faculty wants to argue with me I will!” “The essence of movement.” I could listen to her talk for hours.
    I am also quite nervous about November. It is by far my hardest month. Seasons change, people get sick, moody, anxious for turkey break, auditions, papers….but as the faculty always tells us, “Be kind and take care of each other”!

    • Don’t worry Jose, you’re going to make it!

      I agree with all three of you. I especially enjoyed her discussion about musicality and thinking of movement as “singing”. It’s a simple thought but, to me, it seems to add a kind of texture that isn’t just exciting for the observer but exciting to the mover. Sometimes working on technique can get tiresome and frustrating, thinking of movement, even simple combinations, as a song allows for a kind of playful creativity, exactly what I need when I’m having an ‘off’ day.

  3. It was great having Beth because she taught so much in a short period of time. She was blunt but at the same time respectful of our decisions in phrasing choices and movement. There is one thing that I want to work more with but I don’t know if I’m doing right is engaging and holding the stomach. I understand that the core is essential in moving but I don’t know how often to engage. It should be all the time right? She also said that I shouldn’t breathe out the mouth but to sing instead and I feel that is the correct way to approach some things when dancing. I may be saying this because I am not used to engaging my stomach but I do focus on my core. These two probably mean the same things and I just understood them in two different ways. I’m not sure anymore. I’m confused about the idea that’s all I have to say.

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