Hello everyone!

Welcome to our blog! This site serves as the online community/discussion group for my Contemporary Dance Technique class here at UW-Milwaukee.

This class meets everyday 11:00 am-12:40 pm in Mitchell Hall 256 from Sept 6-Dec 14, 2011. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly at gfcasel@uwm.edu.

Have a great year!


5 thoughts on “Hello everyone!

  1. In class today we talked about using the hip and the widening of the sacrum to initiate the movement coming back from the knee drop to center. Now after watching this video clip and them physically having the bones as references for the audience to see really provided a better visual for me to apply to the next time I do this movement in class.

    • Glad it was helpful Allie. I would also insert the word ‘integrate’ somewhere in there – simply imagining the sacrum widening to draw the legs back to center may not be enough. I would integrate the core to the distal, integrate the breath with the movement, integrate the trunk to the pelvis to the legs, etc… Try all of these and see which one works best for you.

  2. This semester, so far has been one that I have really began to understand “breath” and “movement”. What it actually means to breath during an exercise and how it will benefit me in many ways. Watching the video of the floor/ standing exercise has really helped me to see what body parts are beeing used and how they are being initiated for the next movement. I use to be what I call a picture person. I wouldn’t focus so much on breath and what it takes to get to those picture moments, but more so on do I look perfect. Also taking Laban Movement Analysis has been really helping me to progress into a more lengthy, fluid, calm dancer.

    • Great Nadia! I’m glad you are experiencing your breath more organically in relationship to movements. It’s also nice to see you challenge yourself in class and to take things through a more profound physical and mental connection. Looking forward to seeing more…

  3. For the first day of class and being back in the groove of things I thought the combinations we learned and the techniques we discussed were very insightful. Breathing was one idea that I had to really concentrate on during class. When on the ground and our knees up, we breath in and our diaphragm inflates, personally making my lower and upper back lift up and off the ground. When I exhale, my lower and upper back slowly start to meet the ground again. For me I had the opportunity to focus on keeping my back on the floor when we exhale and to make sure I am not arching. This same idea goes with standing in parallel. I have to be aware to not arch my back and to push my pelvic bone a little forward. The first day of class went really well and I cant wait for Wednesday!

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